Raise your hand if you have googled about head lice and debated whether you want to burn your house down or not? Want to know a secret..? I HAD LICE AND I WENT MENTAL (understatement- I went to a BAD, BAD, VERY BAD place)

GOOGLE is awesome.. I can find a great place for dinner, get directions, look up hilarious memes, and find literally ANYTHING my heart desires.. but I can also find “solid” evidence that I am dying, have a horrible disease, or that my name is the same as a criminal in Wyoming. You get the idea. When it comes to head lice, there is a horrendous amount of misinformation available on he world wide web. It is a slippery slope and so many of our innocent clients come in spewing all kinds of wacked out stuff they read on the internet.. so here is a breakdown of the FAQ’s we encounter in the clinic that I hope will give you some peace of mind:

MYTH:”I think I got lice from the movie theater(airplane,carnival, fill in the blank)”

FACT: It is almost impossible to catch lice environmentally! Head to Head contact is the primary and most likely way you caught lice, promise!

MYTH:”Google  says I have to bag everything up for TWO WEEKS?!”

FACT: Lice cannot lice off of a host for more than about 24 hours.. we tell our clients to bag things up for 3 days which is overkill but it helps to stave off paranoia since its ample time for your items to be “safe” again for use.

MYTH:”I need to vacuum my mattress”

FACT: Lice and bed bugs are two very, very different issues. Lice will not burrow into your mattress. Stripping the sheets is enough- promise!

Any Q’s? Post below and I will gladly answer!


Peace, Love, LICE Xo