Professional Lice Services

We NEVER charge our clients by the hour. With straightforward, flat rate pricing, we are the perfect solution to free your family of head lice. We not only have the solution, but it is quick, safe, and easy! We have treated thousands of local families since 2015 and with  our signature treatment protocol, we are so confident in our services, we will re-treat you for free within 30 days if you get re-infested(see re-treatment policy).Prices are subject to change at any time.


Lice Screening/ Recheck Service $30


If you've been exposed to lice or are unsure if your child has lice, our screening service is for you! We will meticulously comb through the hair section by section checking for Lice and Nits. If evidence of an infestation is found, we will show the adult in charge and you can decide how to proceed. We also offer a recheck service for previous clients- while this service is not necessary, we’re happy to offer peace of mind if needed.


Our Full Service Treatment $199, Flat Rate

Our most popular service, full lice removal, begins with the application of our hair moisturizing blend to saturate the hair, detangle, and immobilize lice for easy removal. Next we manually remove all of the immobilized lice and nits from the hair.  We then finish this treatment with an application of our all natural Lice Killer oil blend which ensures that you no longer have active lice. This simple three step process  does not require any follow up and you will be lice free and able to return to school and all activities upon leaving our facility. We also include a free sample size of our Lice Killer exclusive lice repelling oil to protect your investment in getting professionally treated ($20 value).  If all household members are screened and treated on site, if needed, this service comes with a 30 day guarantee.


ADA Accessible Services

We're proud to offer mobile lice screening and removal services when needed. If you or your child are unable to physically come on-site, we are happy to bring our services to you. Please call to inquire and set up your consultation.