Head Lice FAQs

Can head lice jump or fly?

Head lice are wingless insects that move from person to person using their six claws. They require direct head to head contact to be transmitted.

Can head lice infest other parts of my body such as eyebrows, lashes, or body hair?

Head lice will only infest the hair on your scalp. Body lice is a different parasite.

Can you catch head lice from surfaces such as seats, rugs, or airplanes?

Head lice is primarily passed by direct head to head contact. MUCH less frequently, lice is transmitted by sharing hats or combs.

Do Tea Tree,  Mayonnaise, or oil kill head lice?

Yes Tree oil can help to REPEL head lice. Mayonnaise and normal kitchen oil will not kill lice.

Do lice only infest dirty hair?

Head lice prefer clean hair.

Will head lice always make me itchy?

Head lice only cause itching in about 50% of infected people.

Why don’t over-the-counter (OTC) pesticides kill lice anymore?

Lice have built up resistance to OTC pesticides based solutions due to overuse.

Will lice go away if left untreated?

Unfortunately, leaving a case of head lice untreated will cause it to get heavier and worsen. Head lice must be treated in order to be eradicated.