Head Lice Cure

Alright, Alright, Alright (fave movie of mine btw… because the lice lady is not only amazing at killing parasites but is also cool #DazedAndConfused)

Dealing with lice is the pits, with a capital “P”. The fastest way to get relief and cure head lice is to just get rid of it, agree? So, the immediate question is.. how the FREAK do I make this lice go away?!? Just FYI, some of my fave lice moms are super uncensored so I really made that last sentence “family friendly” because although I like to keep it real and I enjoy a good swear word here and there to really get my point across, I’ve got to keep this professional. I digress. Back to the point- the obvious answer to this question is of course, professional help. By professional I mean a few things: Courteous, knowledgeable, honest, and effective. Here at LCA- Danvers we provide all of the above and then some. We even take it a step further and jokingly call ourselves “therapists” because we pride ourselves on helping parents go from a solid 6569673308 back down to an even keeled 100, which in case you were wondering is the anxiety level of a regular day in this beautiful adventure of parenthood. We are here with a solution, a caring attitude, and most importantly we get the job done, BAM. We are practically ninjas with a proven heat treatment device in our back pockets and best of all we LOVE what we do… So when in need, give us a call… we take pride in the service we provide and we are flattered by the trust our clients show us..


until next time,

Peace, Love, LICE xO