COVID-19 Update

Here at Lice Care Associates Danvers we have always followed rigid sanitation guidelines to ensure the safety and comfort of our clients and their families. With Covid-19 upon us, we have consulted extensively with our on staff RN and implemented the following practices:

-Upon arriving at our clinic, you will go through our check in station where we will first provide hand sanitizer for client and staff use. 
-We will take and record each client’s temperature with our contactless thermometer.
-For your comfort, we will also have a log on display of our team member’s temperatures that they will be required to take at the arrival of each shift.
-All team members will be wearing gloves, a face shield, and have a smock covering their clothing at all times.
-We will ensure that your family is booked a private time slot to avoid any overlap with other clients.
-We will be using professional grade EPA approved sanitizer to clean and disinfect our entire space before and after each client.
-We have marked the floors throughout our clinic to ensure that social distancing is easily maintained.
-We have provided 80% alcohol hand sanitizer for staff and client use.

Please feel free to reach out to us directly with any questions or concerns at