Preventing Head Lice in School

Back to school, this year especially, is an exciting time for so many reasons. Kids being together again, in person learning, and a step closer to “normalcy”. Back to school always means an uptick in head lice cases for obvious reasons. Anywhere that children are congregating lice is sure to follow! Preventing head lice in school is never a sure thing, but there are steps you can take:

Wear long hair pulled back daily

Use a daily preventative such as our exclusive, all natural NitBLOCK Spritz

Perform lice checks bi-weekly using a lice comb

If you get a letter home that lice is in your child’s class, use our NitBLOCK weekly lice prevention oil which is proven to stop an infestation in its tracks when used properly

Most importantly, don’t stress about head lice and ENJOY your little ones being back in school!