Summer Camp and Head Lice

Summer Camp and Head Lice

Summer camp… a time to make fun memories, lifelong friends, learn independence, and be exposed to head lice. So many parents ask us how they can keep their child from catching lice at camp and the answer includes a few helpful hints:

1. Send your child to camp with essential oil (think tea tree and peppermint) scented hair products.

2. Let your child know that a ponytail at all times is the best hairstyle.

3. Get your child screened before leaving for camp and upon picking your child up.  If Your child is attending a daycamp, getting a screening at the beginning of the season as well as at the end is helpful too.

Unfortunately, head to head contact, which is primarily how lice is passed from person to person, can be unavoidable at overnight or day camp.

If you find that your little prince or princess has brought home some unwanted guests, give us a call for a one time treatment option that will get your family lice free today! 978-907-3245

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