Coming Clean About Lice

Ok folks… lets chat about one of the parts of dealing with lice that moms get SUPER stressed over, telling people that their family had lice.

There are a few reasons that telling friends, family members, and school that your child/family had an active infestation is so important:

Number one is for selfish reasons- I tell every single parent that comes through my clinic in Danvers, MA to let anyone that they think could give lice back to their family know that they need to be checked.. although we love our clients, we don’t want them back in with head lice and they sure as H-E-double hockey sticks don’t want to see our smiling faces ever again  unless it’s in public where they avoid eye contact at all costs (I kid, sort of).

Numero dos is because, let’s be honest, it’s kind of crappy to not give someone the heads up. Remember, someone gave your kiddo lice and if you are lucky to have noticed it early enough, it didn’t make its way through your entire household. Imagine if your child had a buddy who had lice, gave it to your kid, you never heard a thing about it, and you unknowingly had lice spreading through your home? Imagine if you found out after the fact that you could have been proactive and  nipped this little problem in the bud… like many of our clients, you would be P-O’ed for sure. I see this all the time!

Lastly, when it comes to head lice, teamwork is KEY. Lice will always be a problem. It isn’t going anywhere, but when friends, families, and school all work together and keep the lines of communication open, it sure helps to end an outbreak much more quickly and saves quite a bit of upset.


Bottom line is, head lice is a common issue. If you knew how busy we are at LCA Danvers you would feel a lot less embarrassed about it. We have probably met a number of your classmates and friends… So, do everyone a favor and tell people. Help to #endthestigma associated with head lice.. and remember lice loves clean hair!


Peace, Love, and Lice xO