Lice Bringing Families Together

If you’ve been through lice, you are already giggling at the title of this one. Our “lice families” as we refer to you all (in a kind way) are mostly in a state of sheer PANIC. I always say that lice brings out the worst in people.. just like weddings, except there are bugs involved and getting rid of lice has a much lower bill when all is said and done. I can’t tell you how many moms and dads are in some kind of disagreement about the situation at hand when  it comes to lice whether its about how to treat it or if the kids even have it, etc.


What I love is seeing everything calm down during your time with us. Once things get started in the clinic, things calm down quickly. We even end up getting quite a few laughs out of our clients by the time they’re heading out the door with their stylish plastic shower caps and oily (lice free) hair. My advice..? Work together… always.

Lice is hard to deal with and really upsets pretty much everyone (surprise, surprise.. bugs in hair make people cry)… so be helpful  to each other.. get through lice together and I promise it won’t seem quite as bad. Work together and the solution will arrive much faster.


Peace, LOVE, Lice xO