What A Small Lice Filled World We Live In

HOLY MOLY it AMAZES me how many people have lice and how many people LOVE sharing their stories with me once I proudly tell them what business I own! People love to “spill it” once they know someone else has been through the ordeal of head lice. So, funny story (well, sort of). I was in the hospital with the stomach bug- it was ALL KINDS of nasty and I was super dehydrated… I’d take a raging lice infestation over puking any day. I got to chatting with the doctor and she asked what I do.. I told her and she shared that she JUST had her family in to one of my colleagues.. we chatted for a good 10 minutes about the process and how she thought it was amazing, etc. Fast forward a few days and I get a call from a dad booking an appointment for his family and he says he’s a nurse.. and he works at the hospital where I set up shop for a few days.. and he remembered me (picture me turning magenta right about now).. he was glad to hear I was feeling better lol.. anyways, my point is that LICE can happen to anyone, anytime. It is inconvenient, it is a nuisance, it is shocking… nobody is “above it”. So, just know that if/when your family has to deal with lice, that it has probably happened to a few people you know as well! Don’t feel ashamed, embarrassed, or afraid to tell people. LICE HAPPENS!