Ahhh the dreaded “Superlice”… people lose their minds over this term so as someone who has survived Superlice myself, I’d like to shine some light on what this really means. Although I have developed a small amount of respect or these little creatures, the truth is that they are just basic parasites. The term Superlice is just a fear mongering way to say that the treatments that were used on lice for years (and years and years) are no longer effective. This includes: Ulesfia, Malathion, Permethrin, and Pyrethrin. Just like any other living organism, lice have adapted over time to become more resilient… the bad news? These products are being sold daily.. and not working.. the good news? Eventually you lovely folks find your local lice clinic and are lice free with a guarantee. We have served thousands and have a spotless track record, thankfully!


peace, love, LICE xO