Doctors’ Cure For Head Lice

We get physicians bringing in their families constantly for Head Lice treatment. We also get client referrals from many local pediatrician, dermatology, and general family practices as well. When asked how they landed in our chair, medical professionals offer up a couple reasons for not using OTC or prescription pesticides on their precious little ones :

The first reason is almost always pesticide exposure. The ingredients in OTC and prescription treatments are just plain icky and unhealthy!

Another reason is ineffectiveness. They know, based on scientific studies, that the treatments that are available no longer work due to resistance.


HEAT works.. quickly and safely. Plain and simple.

Lastly, most parents just don’t have the skill or time it takes to properly screen and comb out their entire family. Treating lice at home takes TWO weeks of combing daily.. ain’t nobody got time for that!


peace, love, and lice ????