Women and Head Lice

With Mother’s Day weekend upon us I have been doing some reflection on how much moms do for their kids on a daily basis. We are busy gals between sports, school drop offs, cooking and cleaning, working, etc! The last thing we need is a raging case of head lice on our hands. Most moms attempt to take on this adventure solo- dads want to be helpful too but most are not used to the precise combing needed to combat a lice infestation (my husbands job was to POUR the wine lol). Anywho, with Mother’s Day upon us I thought it would be fun to share some of the stories you amazing moms share with us while in the clinic getting your lice removed!

One mom told us she was so stressed about lice that she booked a vacation away to have a mental health break after the ordeal she went through- North Conway here I come! Lucky we were able to end the stress once and for all for her 🙂

Another mom, who had a less than helpful husband, jokingly wished lice on the other half right before his head check (guess what, he was positive, bugs and all!).

The last story I’ll share is this, we had a really sweet mom (and dad) who had been home treating for months.. Mayonnaise, Cetaphil, olive oil, NIX, RID.. they had no luck at all! They were a really fun family overall and had a great sense of humor about their buggy situation. Anyways, she told me that in an attempt to be rid of lice, at one point, she put toothpaste all over her daughters head! We all had a good chuckle at that one!

Lice can be a major stressor, especially for moms.. just remember, it is not the end of the world! We are here to provide an educational, stress free, dare I say FUN experience 🙂