Summer Camp and Head Lice

Ahhhh… summer camp 🙂

A time for your kids to make lifelong memories, lifelong friends, and learn valuable lessons! During this time of year we get even busier than usual because, it seems to us, head lice and camp go hand in hand. Now, now, now.. before everyone goes insane- head lice is BROUGHT to camp from the outside. It does not come from camp although it can get passed in tight living quarters very easily. So, how can you avoid your precious pre- teen coming home with a raging case of lice? Pack lots of hair elastic s because, as we know, wearing hair pulled back is a great line of defense. Second tip? Tea Tree repellent! Not only does it help to keep the lice away but it also repels ticks AND mosquitos.. in my opinion those are the three most annoying bugs around so it’s a win win win????????????????

Lastly, once you get your little mr or miss home, run a lice comb through their hair and just see if they brought any unwanted guests along with them- knowing is the only way you can keep a possible infestation from spreading like wildfire through your entire home!

Have an amazing, fun Summer!