The Day Bugs Made Me LOSE MY S-H-I-T

Ya’ll I feel like I survived a straight up attack! This blog post is not directly about Head Lice or Superlice but I think it will help to put things in perspective for those of you, who like me at one time, jump on a crazy train straight to hell when they discover their family is infested with lice! I had a lice ordeal back in 2015 and I was a nut.. I home treated with Nix, Rid, the electric comb gimmick, mayonnaise, coconut oil, vinegar, mouthwash.. the list goes ON AND ON. Anywho, I eventually got professional help and my lice problem was ended once and for all.. but this story isn’t about lice.. it’s about…

COCKROACHES. Yup, I said it.. and I feel itchy and icky all over just from thinking about those nasty little creepers????

Guys, my husband and I found a cockroach, or what we thought was a cockroach on our hall closet door and we HIT THE ROOF ☝???? Stage 1, DENIAL. We googled like maniacs trying to find ANYTHING else that this unwanted guest could have been.. no luck.. all signs pointed to cockroach. Stage 2, BLAME.. where did this come from? Do you think it’s the only one? Did AMAZON PRIME boxes bring this dirty little critter into our home (moment of silence as I vow to never mail order anything ever again)?! Stage 3, ACCEPTANCE. Off to Home Depot I went to stock up on roach bait and traps galore… determined all the while to not soak my home in pesticide based products because it is against EVERYTHING I stand for personally and as a business owner.. By the way, shout out to the adorable old man who helped me to the pest control aisle ????????

Anywho.. after tearing my home apart, throwing away anything we haven’t used in the very recent past, setting traps all over my house, and finding 3 more of these little turds, I gave in and  called the pest control company. It literally hurt but I researched like a nut job and it seemed I had NO WAY OUT without the very same pesticides that my lice removal clinic is built on avoiding.

Fast forward to TODAY.. the very informative, early, pest control guy shows up and I have immediate regrets.. I’m actually debating just living with roaches because all I can think of is the nasty side effects related to permethrin and malathion and how I just CANT expose my family to it and how my professional life is literally a mission to help others avoid these nasty products! So, he comes in, does a complete check of our home, explains to me what “wood roaches” are and how they actually do not like to live in the house and when you live in a wooded area they sometimes just come in.. and how they are no different than a spider or ant.. and how treating isn’t necessary.. and I am immediately transported into a mind state that reflects how a lot of our clients feel.. is he sure? How does he REALLY know my home isn’t infested (he explained and very patiently showed me 10 reasons why lol). What if he’s wrong and I get eaten alive by cockroaches?!


have faith.. trust the experts.. I spend at least half of the time I am corresponding with clients convincing them that they either never had lice, that their lice is gone, that our  treatment works.. the questions are endless and I sympathize 100%.

Lice sucks BUT there is an easy, fast, safe solution available which I could not be more thankful for.. cockroaches in the other hand.. no “safe” way to be rid of those suckers and I am glad I side stepped that land mine!

happy 4th and be safe, happy, and healthy.. and remember- lice is the least pesky pest!