Head Lice Treatment in Massachusetts

We have heard the story thousands of times- you discover head lice on your child at the most inopportune time, or get a call from the school nurse, and panic sets in immediately.

Most parents head right to the local pharmacy for a bottle of Nix, Rid, or whatever pesticide based treatment they can find first. Treatment after treatment fails due to the resistance lice has developed to these products from overuse.

You finally hop on Google and search for a head lice removal service and there you see Lice Care Associates-Danvers! Many of our clients say that they never knew we existed, but are so happy we do.

We have been servicing Massachusetts families, schools, and working with the department of families and children since 2015. We are locally owned, accessible, and located in a private medical office suite. We have serviced families from Danvers, Lynnfield, Boston, Newburyport, and everywhere in between!

We are your local resource for head lice treatment, removal, and prevention.