Head Lice Signs and Symptoms

Head lice, although harmless, can cause unpleasant symptoms.

The most common sign that your child could have lice is itching. Other symptoms of head lice are seeing small brown or white nits (eggs) close to the root of the hair, redness around the hairline, and swollen lymph nodes behind the ears depending on how sensitive you are.

Of course, the most telltale sign of head lice infestation is seeing wingless bugs crawling in the hair. Head lice have a distinctive look- they have 6 legs with claws on the end, no wings, and can range in color from red, to brown, to almost clear.

Head lice is rarely detected during the first two weeks of an infestation because they are so small and blend in with the hair.

During that time an infestation can spread throughout a household quickly which is why we recommend having your whole family screened during your appointment.