Are Super Lice Real?

“Super Lice” is a phrase that literally chills moms, dads, and caregivers to the core! In our head lice treatment salon, we are frequently asked if Super Lice is a real thing. In short, the answer is yes, but it DOES need some explanation to help ease anxiety when it comes to these pesky little critters. 

The term Super Lice is used to describe head lice that are resistant to traditional, pesticide based, overused OTC treatments (think Nix, RID, and even the prescribed oral medication Ivermectin). Just as some human illnesses have developed a resistance to antibiotics from overuse, head lice have built resistance to pesticides and it has been scientifically proven that these treatments are no longer effective. Not only is this information science based, but having been in business helping the Northshore, Massachusetts community for close to 7 years now, we have seen this scenario literally thousands of times.

Most of the families we see have home treated unsuccessfully two to three times prior to calling us for professional help. Caregivers are frustrated about wasted time and money and the fact that these pesticide based treatments claim to be effective when they in fact, are not. We frequently find live lice and eggs in our clients’ hair after they have home treated. Here at Lice Care Associates-Danvers, we use a non-toxic, proprietary, four step method that takes an hour or less and is based on years of experience. View our full treatment list here.

We clear  your lice infestation quickly and safely. We back up all of our lice removal services with a 60 day guarantee- the longest in the industry. 

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