Peak Season For Head Lice

Head lice is the last thing any caregiver wants to deal with — and many times we are asked when the “busy season” or most common time to catch head lice is. After almost seven years serving the families of Massachusetts, we’ve got quite a handle on when head lice is most common, and the answer is all year. Head lice knows no season, and although we may see busier days than others in our head lice removal salon, an infestation easily passes from person to person no matter the time of year. Check out our Lice FAQ’s page for more info about lice.

Head lice can only live on human hosts, which means they move from head to head. Their environment remains the same despite the weather. Where people are congregating, head lice can and will be passed. With head lice, prevention is key and we always give our clients the tools and know how to never have to come see us again.

Pulling hair back and avoiding head to head contact is helpful, but for younger kids where they may not be as conscious of these preventative measures, we recommend our all natural NitBLOCK daily preventative spritz and our NitBLOCK weekly oil treatment to actively and safely fight head lice. Our exclusive NitBLOCK head lice prevention and treatment line is formulated with essential oils and safe for regular use.

For more information about NitBLOCK, please contact us!