Does Having Lice Make You Dirty?

As you can imagine, having parasites, such as head lice, crawling around in your hair can make you feel pretty “icky” (for lack of a better description).

While head lice can give you the creeps, rest assured that it is not a sign of a lack of cleanliness. Head lice actually prefer clean hair which comes as a surprise to many of our clients.

Clean hair is easier for lice to grab onto with their claws and to move around in, so while you may feel “gross” because of a lice infestation, it is truly not the case! The stigma associated with head lice truly masks how common it is, and believe me, it is very common!

While having head lice does not make you dirty, they are still unwanted pests, so book a professional lice treatment service with us to get rid of the nasty buggers! We will get you feeling much better in no time!