How Did I Get Lice

How did I get lice?

This is a question we get asked frequently in our lice treatment salon. The fact is that lice can come from any person you have close contact with which is why it’s important to let all of your nearest and dearest know you have/had lice to avoid re-catching it. Lice spreads primarily by head to head contact (think hugs, kids playing closely together, and selfies). It can also spread in less common ways such as sharing hats and hair brushes. It can pass from person to person very easily and quickly by direct head to head contact. There are also many ways that you won’t catch lice that many people think you can. For example, head lice is not passed by sharing cubbies at school, sitting in a movie theatre seat, or from any type of surface. It is almost impossible to catch head lice from a surface in fact because lice don’t live long off of a human host and its also extremely difficult for them to move on any surface other than hair because they have claws instead of feet. So, when it comes to head lice, it most likely came from a person you are close with and not from a surface or facility.