Affordable Head Lice Treatment

When it comes to affordable head lice removal, doing your research is important. There are so many options on the market that it can be overwhelming!

Over the counter head lice treatments are absolutely the cheapest option, but unfortunately as we have seen thousands of times in our head lice removal salon, they are ineffective a lot of the time due to super lice becoming resistant to pesticides and many times there is user error as well. Unlike a caregiver at home who has never dealt with lice before, our head lice professionals go through a rigorous training schedule and certificate program prior to working with clients. Almost every single client we see in our treatment salon has home treated at least once and spent quite a bit of money at their local pharmacy only to realize that their child still has head lice.

Prescription head lice treatment options can cost up to $280 if the aren’t covered by insurance, which is significantly more that our pesticide free treatments. Sklice is an Ivermectin (pesticide based) treatment that comes with dangerous side effects such as ocular hyperemia, eye irritation, a burning sensation on the skin, dandruff, and it also has not been adequately tested in pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Professional treatments, the safest and guaranteed option assuming you visit a reputable lice removal salon, can range in pricing. In-home lice treatment options come with travel charges and hourly fees usually ranging from $100-$150/ hour so customers won’t know the exact cost until services are completed. Here at Lice Care Associates Danvers, we offer a sanitary, private environment where you can get your family lice free without having to open your home to a stranger. We also offer up front, flat rate pricing that is substantially lower than our competitors and allows you to know exactly what the cost to get your family lice free will be prior to your appointment. We take the guess work out of head lice treatment. Along with offering competitive pricing, we also offer the longest guarantee in the industry, 60 days!

When it comes to head lice treatment, it is important to research what your safest, most effective options are and here at Lice Care Associates, we are happy to answer any questions you have and make this process as easy and comfortable for you as possible.