Aunties with Lice

Whenever we treat a child, there is almost always a ripple effect.

Normally when a caregiver finds lice on a child, it has already been there for 2-3 weeks. Lice is hard to spot in the beginning stages of an infestation so 2-3 weeks is the average minimum of time that we estimate for most clients we treat. That being said, lice spreads very easily during that time when its going undetected. Furthermore, only about half of the people who have lice are itchy. We have seen infestations go so far into a family that we’ve treated Aunties, Uncles, Nannies, grandparents, cousins.. the list goes on and on! Whenever we have clients who need treatment, we always tell them how important it is to INFORM anyone that they could have given lice to that they need a head check. For selfish reasons, this can keep you from re-catching lice. It also helps to end the spread and cycle. Being informed and proactive is so important to getting rid of lice once and for all!