Can Lice Make you sick?

Head lice gives everyone the creeps. Just the mention of it can make you start scratching, but can lice actually make you sick? This is both a simple and complicated answer. In short, NO. Lice don’t carry diseases and are harmless. The only time that lice can cause harm is from the after effects of an infestation. Infections on the scalp due to excessive scratching causing wounds can occur, just like anywhere else on the body. Is this likely? No, but it CAN happen. We recommend trying to resist the urge to scratch and of course, keeping the scalp clean with regular washing and care. If you or your child are ultra sensitive, we recommend an otc scalp soother such as Our NitBlock oil treatment to help moisturize and heal the discomfort. When dealing with lice, remember, its considered a nuisance and not an actual health risk. Call or text with nay questions 978-907-3245