Does Dimethicone kill lice?

Many people ask how our clinical grade lice killing oil works- I mean, how can something natural and pesticide free be so effective at wiping out a head lice infestation when things like malathion, don’t even kill them anymore?! When it comes to a head lice infestation, stronger chemicals are not better. In fact, lice are almost completely resistant to over the counter head lice products after years of overuse.
So, back to the good stuff! For close to a decade, we have used our clinical grade, silicone based oil treatment. It works so well, that we guarantee you free of active Lice once it is used as directed. Our oil treatment works via suffocation- in other words, it suffocates lice and nits making them unviable.
according to the national library of medicine, dimethicone effectively kills all stages of lice in just a 15 minute application.
seeing is believing and we live showing our clients how quickly our product works on live bugs that we comb out of their hair!