Head Lice and Wine

Let’s be real, mommin’ aint easy! Add to the mix a raging case of lice and it just may do you in. I always “joke” that I should have a wine cooler in the lice clinic (by joke I mean that it takes all my strength not to send each and every one of my fabulous, sassy lice moms home with a complimentary bottle of Shiraz…  plus a side of Ketel One..? lol). Lice is stressful which is why my team and I truly enjoy helping our clients get real, solid peace of mind. We have been fortunate enough to make a spotless track record for ourselves- 100% treatment success for the last 3 years! How is this? Well, for starters, I am probably the easiest going “boss” around but I have HIGH STANDARDS. I have been blessed with a group of people that actually care and give 100% with each and every treatment.. resulting in 100% lice free customers after just 1 visit. My staff cares… a lot. I will never be able to express my appreciation for this. The other part of our services that I feel sets us apart is the fact that we are real people. We will answer your questions, text you back at 2am, and help you through the strain of head lice. So moms, pour a big glass of white or red and know that all will be ok- we are here to help!