AHHHH! The dreaded “Superlice”. You have to love the media hyping things up. While there is gobs of scientific data and personal experiences with failed attempts to treat head lice using pesticides, I always cringe just a bit when clients ask if we treat “superlice”. That description is absolutely fine.. superlice is accurate. My problem is with the fear that stands behind it. Living things; animals, humans, insects, and plants, all adapt and change based on their instincts and need for survival. This isn’t anything new as we all know. Just as bacteria strains have become resistant to antibiotics, lice have adapted and become resistant to  commonly used pesticides such as permethrin and malathion. These facts are backed up with scientific studies that prove them to be true yet large scale lice treatment companies are still generating billions of dollars of revenue selling these products. The results? Lice infested families and moms in tears. I see it daily. Most of our clients have home treated multiple times before they come to us. The fact is that these treatments just don’t work anymore. Save yourself the heartache along with the exposure to nasty pesticides and research your options. I promise you, it will end your problem faster and you will not head to crazy town if you take a deep breath and try not to panic. If professional service is in the budget, we are here to help. If a DIY kit is more your style, we have that too!


Peace, Love, and Lice xO