The Trauma/Drama Of Head Lice

Head Lice is a complete nightmare in most mom’s minds- there is NOTHING more stressful or shocking that could happen to your family… These are the words that MOST of our clients tell me on the initial phone call. My job is to cure head lice first and foremost which I have to say my team and I kick butt at.. but my second most important task is to educate our clients and help them to see that yes, lice is stressful, BUT it isn’t the “end all”. It can happen to anyone! Head lice is panic inducing to say the least, but when you have the cure it becomes less stressful. With professional services, whether you opt for our proven heat  treatment or our traditional comb out, you not only get rid of head lice, but you get the peace of mind that so many moms long for. You KNOW that your family is lice free and you have us by your side all the way from beginning to end. That being said, I cannot begin to count how many moms have what I like to call the “lice after shock”. Having been through a lice infestation myself, I’ve been there gals! My favorite advice to give? Don’t let the lice win! I say that expression multiple times a day. The worst part of a head lice infestation is the paranoia that follows it. If your family has been through head lice, be proactive. Take a quick peek at your children’s heads once a month. Don’t check obsessively because that will make all of you nuts. After lice, there is so much fear of catching it again, understandably so. We can only do so much so pour yourselves a nice big glass of wine and give yourself a pat on the back if you survived lice. It’s no easy task and I applaud you mamas (and dads!) for doing your best to keep your cool…

Until next time,

Peace, Love, Lice