How to Home Treat Head Lice

Ya’ll head lice is a massive beeee-yoch to deal with at home on your own! I’ve been there- that is the reason that I opened this lice clinic. That being said, professional service isn’t the right fit for everyone which is why we offer options starting at just $40. Our chemical free, pesticide free DIY kit is foolproof and not only comes with everything you need to home treat successfully, but also comes with unlimited questions answered by yours truly ????????

So, the down low on home treating a head lice infestation is actually pretty simple. What you need is a big bottle of 100% dimethicone oil, a very tight lice comb (I prefer the terminator), and some real determination. With home treating lice it is important to check EVERY SINGLE PERSON in your household. The first mistake that parents who are home treating make is assuming it is just the one kid who has lice. Keep in mind that with lice, it’s usually 2-3 weeks before there is enough debris in the hair that it is noticeable. In that time frame, an entire household can easily be infested. So, after performing a thorough screening on everyone in the home, treatment can begin. In order to beat a lice infestation you must oil the hair and comb each section daily for 10-14 days depending on how heavy the infestation is. Even if you think your child is clear after day 1, I cannot stress how important it is to JUST KEEP COMBING. Unfortunately there are no shortcuts with home treating lice despite what some products may advertise.


Godspeed ✅????