Head Lice Cure with a 60 Day Guarantee

Here at Lice Care Associates Danvers we pride ourselves on being thorough and curing your head lice infestation in one appointment! We also offer a 60 day guarantee on all removal services if you’ve had your whole family screened per our protocol to ensure that your home stays lice free. 

Why are we able to offer the longest guarantee in the industry? 

We have been the number one provider for families, physicians, and schools on the Northshore in Massachusetts since 2015 and have an excellent track record! We focus on curing your lice and educating you on the proper steps and products to ensure that you never have to see us or deal with head lice ever again. 

If you are re-exposed within 60 days of your treatment and have qualified for our guarantee (have had your entire household screened/treated if necessary), we will re-treat you at no charge.