Head Lice Treatment Near Me

I bet you had NO idea that head lice treatment salons even existed until you were dealing with lice! As the owner of this business, I went through the same path of discovery as all of the awesome parents we meet do. I googled head lice treatment near me and found that professional services were available, but not anywhere near my area North of Boston. I quickly saw that there was a need for a safe, effective head lice services, and decided that using my cosmetology experience in a way that would help me give back to the community was the right path for me. That was way back in 2014, and now here we are with an amazing team and thousands of successful lice treatments under our belts. We operate in a private, sanitary facility offering you the peace of mind and relaxation you need to get your family’s head lice GONE. We guarantee our services for 60 days because we know they work.