School Staff

Elementary school teachers are no strangers to head lice. If you discover your child has lice, the odds are that it was caught from a friend either at school or on a playdate. While many parents blame the school for a head lice infestation, the truth is that kids bring lice INTO the school causing it to spread among peers. Lice isn’t a school problem, it’s a childhood nuisance. If you find that your child has lice, it’s important to let your school nurse know so that she can screen the rest of the class. Having a screening on the rest of the classroom will help keep an infestation from spreading further which will help keep your child from re-catching lice from an unknowing classmate. Schools should keep your child’s information private when doing a screening so don’t worry about embarrassment for your child. If you need guidance, we offer a service in which we alert schools to screen a classroom without giving yuo]]our child’s name and we are happy to help!