Lice Clinics of America and Lice Care Associates

Lice Care Associates Danvers, formerly Lice Clinics of America, has been in business since 2015 serving the Northshore, Greater Boston, and Southern New Hampshire areas. We have trained numerous lice professionals in our clinic (which I always loved). We have helped thousands of families, camps, daycares, women and children’s shelters, and partnered with our local community in so many positive ways. I think that my favorite part of this business will always be the people we meet. Aside from my amazing, long term team (props to the best lice ladies EVER), and the colleagues turned true friends, we have encountered so many amazing local families and professionals in our clinic. Treating lice may not be what most would call glamorous, but it is absolutely rewarding! Our happy customers make it all worthwhile each and every single day. When we get a great review, a thankful follow up text, or get to hang the cute drawing your child made for us in the clinic, we know that we are really a part of our amazing community! Our treatment process has changed slightly based on years of professional experience and research. We have found that a fast, comfortable, effective treatment is what our clients need and appreciate the most. With our new proprietary treatment blend made up of simple essential oils and minerals, we cut down significantly on the need for intense heat and also decrease the time it takes to get your family lice free and back to the things you enjoy! Our treatment requires only 5 minutes of gentle heat followed by a thorough comb out to remove the debris in the hair finished with a nourishing oil treatment that not only ensures you are lice free, but also leaves your hair soft and shiny. Lice treatment CAN be a simple process, leave it to the pros!