Free Head Lice Treatment

As a community partner, we pride ourselves on being able to give back to the families that trust us to help them. Each year, we commit to performing community service in various ways:

-We always offer highly discounted pricing for children who are in foster care and the caregivers who are responsible for their safety and well being

-We send certificates for pro-bono treatments to school nurses to give out to families in need who are struggling with head lice

-We offer a veteran’s discount as a thank you for service

-We work with women and children’s shelters

-We sponsor community events

-We offer deep discounts on a case by case basis

-We always take the opportunity to offer free education and help to end the stigma associated with head lice whenever possible

We are so proud and thankful for the network we have built here on the North Shore and look forward to many more years of helping and fun!