Fast Lice Treatment in Massachusetts

Head lice is always a surprise and inconvenience to put it lightly. When a caregiver finds head lice on their child, they want it gone FAST.. so what is the best and quickest way to be lice free? Here at Lice Care Associates Danvers, formerly Lice Clinics of America, we offer a one session lice removal service that takes about an hour from start to finish. We also offer same day availability whenever possible (most clients are seen within two hours of calling us). At our clean, family friendly lice clinic, you will be screened, treated if necessary, and educated on how to stay lice free going forward. Our three step proprietary lice treatment is pesticide free and backed with our 60 day guarantee pending you getting all household members screened and treated if necessary. We start by applying our mineral blend solution which immobilizes and begins to dehydrate the lice. Next we dry the hair to prepare for manual removal of the nits and lice in the hair. After that we finish the job with our signature oil treatment and send you on your way, lice free!