How can you tell if its a lice egg?

Believe it or not, we frequently have clients coming in with “false alarms”. Often, we are telling families that they don’t have head lice! While this is good news, it also reinforces that an important part of what we do is provide education to our customers.

We always start by suggesting the air test in which we tell a client to blow on whatever it is that they see on the hair that may be a lice egg. If whatever the particle is blows right off the hair, it cannot be a nit. Lice eggs are stuck on the hair so well that you actually have to remove them with a TIGHT lice comb or by pinching it between your fingernails and sliding it down the hair shaft.

Lice eggs also vary in color from clear to dark brown (clear eggs are empty casings, darker eggs have a bug inside). Many times, clients “see white” and assume its lice eggs but in reality they aren’t white at all.

Lastly, lice eggs are not round or oval, but tear shaped.

Using these comparisons alone can tell you if you should get a professional screening or if you’ve got a false alarm on your hands in MOST cases, but its also important to know what actual louse bugs look like for the rare instances that you see a bug prior to a nit.

Lice are about the size if a sesame seed when fully grown. They can range in color from light beige to dark brown. They have NO wings, and have 6 claws that help them move quickly through the hair as well as from head to head. If you find a bug that fits this description, its a good idea to make an appointment with a head lice professional who can assess your possible infestation and help you from there. You can call or text us 7 days a week at 978-907-3245